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January 2023 Project Update

A lot of progress was made in January on our Driving Range infrastructure as we finally received the backordered Electrical Panels & Equipment which were promptly installed as shown in the pictures below.


Following installation of these electrical panels and after inspection, Duke Energy connected our power and we tested to ensure all the LED fixtures for our ground mounted illumination system turned on correctly. The picture below of this first trial run shows that everything worked according to plan as evidenced by the beautifully lighted silhouettes of all our multicolored range targets in the distance.


Toptracer Range Engineering Department then came in and completed their work in mapping our range, calibrating their cameras/tracking system and installing monitors in each driving range bay per the pictures below.


Over the next 2 plus weeks we will be putting the final finishing touches on each driving range bay and completing any needed cleanup and landscaping. As construction comes to an end our focus will shift to driving range operations during our soft opening scheduled for February 24-28.  This will be followed by our official grand opening set for the driving range on March 1st.

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