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Spring, Summer, Winter
Junior Camps

The Junior Golf Camps are a wonderful time to experience the expansive training facility and certified instructors at the Clermont National Golf Academy.


CNGA camps encompass the same proven principles as the full-time developmental programs…to foster world-class golfers. While attending a camp program students are introduced to the multidimensional approach that has been successful for over 20 years at the Academy.


Technical, physical and mental training enables junior golfers to achieve a solid understanding of their individual game and to take back home what they learned at the Academy and continue to improve their game.

Upon arrival at the Clermont National Golf Academy all students receive a full evaluation of their golf game – full swing, short game, putting and special condition shots; physical fitness assessment and a benchmark score in their mental acuity. This includes video analysis, 3-D animated and graphical analysis of the student’s golf swing, a full body physical evaluation performed by a certified personal trainer and an on course evaluation by our sports psychologist. Throughout the student’s stay at the academy, he or she will have access to all the amenities the academy has to offer.

Female Golfer with Clubs

Intro to Junior Golf

Introduction into full swing, long game, and short game fundamentals. Grip, Posture, Alignment, Body Motion, Positions (club wrist and arms). Through multiple sessions. 


Ages 10-18

Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Park at College North Corner of Parking Lot/ under tunnel/academy gate to the left.  Back Driving Range.

Male Golfer

Daily Adult Clinic

Come get a check up on any part of your game wether it be full swing, short game, or even a part of your equipment checked.


For Adults of all levels 

Monday through Friday 


Location: Bays 24-30

Meet Instructors
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